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About Bowen Turf Club

Bowen Turf Club began holding regular race meets over 150 years ago, with the first recorded race meeting in 1846.  The club became official in 1863, and has been a pivotal race track on the Queensland racing circuit ever since.   Before the advent of television and other technology, the club was the main entertainment venue for the Bowen, Collinsville and greater Whitsunday regions, racing up to 26 times per year.  In recent years, the club races 4 to 5 times per year, with the biggest race days – The Ben Bolt Cup and the famous Bowen Cup, still bringing several thousand visitors to Ben Bolt Park between them.

2017 patrons to Bowen Cup exceeded 3000.  Similarly, in the past twelve months, Bowen Turf Club’s home – Ben Bolt Park has undergone several facelifts and modernisation projects, as the committee seeks to retain the club’s status as a premier race venue in Queensland.  As other race clubs have their number of yearly race meeting reduced, Bowen Turf Club retains its minimum 4 races, and hopes to secure additional picnic races and TAB races in coming years.